Discover the ways of your wealth.

It’s one thing to have wealth… to become “a person of means.” But have you ideally positioned your wealth to mean as much as it could to you? If you are one of those people who usually achieves your goals, you know deep down that being successful takes a lot of hard work.

Tenacity is part of who you are. You work hard and do more. You see potential where others don’t. You know how to harness vision and drive.

You associate with people who work as hard as you do and value their additional insights.

If you are planning for the retirement phase of your life – or already financially independent and using your time and talents for your passions versus financial reward – you relate to these types of statements and values. You are active and involved with the people and projects you love. The traditional “rocking chair retirement” does not appeal to you.

When it comes to your money and your financial future, you want people who look hard at the numbers, present viable options, and give you the honest truth. You want trusted partners who will serve as an anchor for new and ever-increasing levels of success, wherever those interests and passions are today or will be in the future.

If this sounds like you, Meenes Wealth is the right partner for you.

Click here to learn more about how Meenes Wealth Partners works with talented individuals, grounded couples, and purpose-driven families who want to do more, give more, achieve more in life.

Introduction - Jeffrey D. Meenes, CFP®, MSF

Why Our Fiduciary Approach Works

How Evidence Based Advice Can Help You

Discover the ways of your wealth.

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